BMR Transmissions

Here at BMR Transmissions we turn cutting edge technology into race winning performance. The growth over the years has been impressive. Well known for high-quality parts constructed from the best materials, BMR Transmissions has implemented strict quality control procedures. Along with unmatched customer service, we also have a team truly existing of only "the best of the best"! To sustain consistency and quality during the building process, each transmission is handled by just one single builder. We are also employee owned by people that have a true passion and devote themselves to what they do. Unlike many other transmission manufacturers that have been bought and sold repeatedly, BMR Transmissions has only had one owner. What we are building are horsepower transferring systems. Whether it is a Th350 going behind a mild small block or a 4L80E with the goal of building the best high performance automatic transmission or manual transmission specialized to the individual needs of the most discerning customers. But we dont stop there! We also build high perfomance 4L60E, 700R4, Th400, AOD, AODE, 4R70W, and many others. The process of choosing the perfect drivetrain products for your application is not simple. Each part of your drivetrain is a critical piece of a complex, interlocking system that needs to match perfectly in order for your application to generate peak performance. For this purpose, we provide expert technical assistance to our customers. With highly  trained, expert technical advisers, backed by a vast inventory of precision-manufactured drivetrain components, makes sure that our customers have the proper parts for their specific applications the first time. Customer satisfaction is not only gauged by dyno performance numbers but by repeated customer loyalty built through years of personal, one-on-one contact.   For those of you interested in building your own Heavy Duty or Performance transmission, then you have come to the right place. I offer "very complete rebuild kits". They come with "everything" that is needed to do this right the first time. My kits offer you the best of both worlds, smooth part throttle upshifts, quicker downshifts, and very quick wide open throttle shifts. I offer these "very complete" rebuild kits from Heavy Duty to the Pro Street Elite. You can call me anytime at 410-600-5014 with your questions on what is required for your particular application.